Farewell Coconut Fam

As you may have noticed, The Classic Coconut has been inactive for the last few weeks. This is because, after some deliberations we have both decided that it would be best to part ways in the blogging industry and move on to having our own personal blogs. We would like to thank you all for... Continue Reading →


4 quick and easy smoothie recipes

Since my last smoothie post was such a hit, I've decided to share a few more of my favorite recipes with you all today. The almond milk that is suggested can easily be replaced with other types of milk and/or yogurt and agave or other sweeteners can be used in place of honey, in order... Continue Reading →

Tips for going vegetarian

As you may know we've both been vegetarian for quite a few years now. And even though we don't claim to be experts, we've compiled a few of the tips and tricks that helped us through our transitions to vegetarianism.Whether you’re already a vegetarian or you are looking into the lifestyle, we guarantee these tips... Continue Reading →

Easy Vegan Snacks

When you're vegan or vegetarian or just looking for some cruelty free snack options, it can be quite difficult to avoid the typical bag of chips or pack of cookies. That's why we've compiled a list of great vegan snack options that can be easily pulled out whenever you're feeling peckish. Chocolate brownies  Ingredients: 2... Continue Reading →

How I began embracing my height 

As many of you may already know, I’m 5’9. I was always the tallest kid among my friends and classmates growing up and to date, still am. I’ve heard it all from “how’s the weather up there” to “you must play basketball”. On occasion there’d be the person who’d say they wished they had my... Continue Reading →

5 Must Read Novels

As an avid reader, I've always been quite disappointed that I've never been a part of a book club. And then it dawned on me that many of you may have similar interests which is why from now on, every month the name of a book will be posted on our social media accounts or... Continue Reading →

15 must watch tv series 

Let’s be realistic, as much as we say we’re going to go out every day this summer/July-August vacation, we all know we’re going to end up binge watching a few series; and the coconuts are here to make sure you watch the very best that Netflix or any other streaming site has to offer. We... Continue Reading →

Save our planet!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled dose of coconut to bring you this necessary PSA. Sadly, we're going to be taking a break from posting for about two months. This is because both of us will be quite busy with examinations and the same goes for many of you too. So we wish you all luck... Continue Reading →

Our Vegetarian Stories

Mikayla  During my childhood, I always had the mind-set that I would NEVER go vegetarian. I never thought that I could have ‘survived’ without meat. I was probably the biggest meat eater out there. I consider my journey to have begun on the 3rd of January, 2016. As it was the beginning of the year, I... Continue Reading →

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